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Legal help in child contact disputes

Legal help in child contact disputes... read our case study

Confused about employee rights?

Confused about employee rights?... read our case study

Legal Help for Special Educational Needs

Legal Help for Special Educational Needs... read our case study

Legal advice for debt disputes

Legal advice for debt disputes... read our case study

Divorce – sorting out the finance…

Divorce – sorting out the finance…... read our case study

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Under the 'Public Access' scheme you can now instruct our barristers directly to provide legal advice or representation in court, giving you both control and cost savings.

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  • Court of Appeal refused the appeal of Pimlico Plumbers, agreeing with Mr Smith that he has employment rights. ,
  • Guildford Chambers – new office and conference facilities in Reading - See link ,
  • All those acting for Landlords of Assured Tenants (or Assured Tenants), see the attached article from Paul Moulder - ,

How we can help

Your Guildford Chambers Barrister can:

  • Provide you with expert advice, either in writing, by email or at a meeting in our Chambers or at a location to suit you.
  • Represent you in Court or at a Tribunal.
  • Draft Court documents so that your case is presented clearly and effectively.
  • Draft letters to the other party to the dispute or to the Court or Tribunal.
  • Draft contracts, wills or other legal documents.
  • Refer you to an expert to help you win your case and help you to instruct them correctly.
  • Where necessary, refer you to a solicitor who best suits your needs to help you with the ongoing conduct of your case.

There are some things we are not allowed to do. We can help you to do those things for yourself or we will help you find a solicitor best suited to your case. For an explanation of the rules click here.